Dem Challenger to Paul Ryan Has No Answer on North Korea

By NTK Staff | 07.05.2017 @12:16pm

"I have no specifics on what's going on in North Korea," he told CNN.

Randy Bryce, the Democratic challenger to Paul Ryan, could offer no answers on dealing with the threat of North Korea in an appearance on CNN on Wednesday.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked Bryce about his views on what the Trump administration should do regarding Pyongyang’s recent aggression.

“I don’t have specifics,” Bryce said. “I don’t have information on what North Korea launched.”

“We’re going to take a trip later this month to Washington, D.C. to get better educated on the issues, and I hope to have more information then,” he added. “I have ideas, and there’s things that I’d like to say. But right now, it would honestly be speculation.”

“Randy, you’re running right now for this seat and you’ve launched an ad, and this is a front-and-center concern for all Americans. You have no specifics?” Harlow asked.

Bryce confirmed that he has “no specifics,” and he said that he knew that American troops were stationed on the North Korean border

For his part, Ryan has led the House in taking action on North Korea. In April, the GOP-led House took up an act designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terror and a resolution condemning Pyongyang’s missile development program.

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