Dem Operative Says Questions Asked in Endorsement Process Would Be Illegal in Job Interview

By NTK Staff | 05.22.2017 @11:46am

Democrat operative Jessica Byrd slammed the way the Democratic Party hands out endorsements.

At a Center for American Progress forum on Monday, Democratic operative Jessica Byrd blasted the Democrats’ endorsement process.

“I think our endorsement processes have to be turned completely upside down,” Byrd said.

“We are asking questions that, if we asked them in a job interview, I actually think would be illegal,” she added.

Byrd listed out all the questions with which she took issue: “We ask so much about what a person makes, how much they’re going to be able to raise, what their community is, who they know, who their grandfather is.”

Byrd argued that this process, coupled with intense fundraising requirements, blocked progressive candidates from winning in heavily-Democratic areas.

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