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Dem Ossoff Spends $6.6M on Ads After Raising 95% from Out of State

Jon Ossoff raised a whopping $8.3 million in April, and is spending $6.6 million on new TV ads, but 95 percent of his money comes from outside of Georgia…

Jon Ossoff Vote Record

Democrat Jon Ossoff is ready to start spending money. In April, the candidate for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District reported raising $8.3 million. On Thursday, his campaign announced he’s spending $6.6 million on a new ad buy that includes network TV, cable, and radio.

Democrat Jon Ossoff reserved more than $6.6 million in airtime for cable, TV and radio ads through the June 20 runoff, ensuring he’ll be hard to avoid in the final five weeks of his bid for an upset victory in Georgia’s 6th District.

Elections data show he recently added $1.4 million to his initial ad buy, even as conservative groups backing Republican Karen Handel pony up millions to try to thwart his campaign.

But there’s one key detail left out of the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s report on Ossoff’s ad buy. About 95 percent of the $8.3 million that Ossoff raised last reporting period came from donors outside of the state of Georgia.

That’s not a good look for a 30-year-old politician asking voters in a district in which he does not live to support him. Particularly when a new ad buy running in the district portrays Californians supporting Ossoff: