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Dem Rep Claims Democrats Will ‘Easily’ Win 25 Seats (After Losing 4 in a Row)

Democrats spent $40 million in an effort to capture GOP seats in special elections. They failed to win one.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) said on CNN on Monday that Democrats would “easily” win the 25 seats necessary to capture a majority in the House of Representatives. The comments came less than a week after Democrats lost their fourth special congressional election in a row.

Schakowsky discussed the Democrats’ loss in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, saying that they had improved upon previous performances by “double digits.”

“If we do that well around the country, we will easily win the 25 seats that we need,” Schakowsky said.

However, the Illinois represenatitve said that Democrats should have “depressed” their expectations for Ossoff’s performance.

Democrats spent $40 million in order to flip one of the open Republican seats but failed in all four of their attempts. When 2018 rolls around, the Democratic fundraising base probably won’t have $10 million to drop on every single race.