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Dem. Rep. Thinks the Electoral College is Very Undemocratic

Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN) told the audience at a town hall last week that he thought the electoral college was a very undemocratic at first blush but conceded Democratic legislation to abolish the law was merely sour grapes.

During the town hall, held in Worthington, Minnesota, a constituent asked Walz which was better: the electoral college or the popular vote.

“I’ve been asked to sign on and a whole bunch of people signed on and my good friend, I think Gene Green from Houston was carrying the bill to get rid of the electoral college,” Walz told the constituent.

Walz went on to admit, “I’m thinking to myself, had Hillary Clinton won, probably none of them would’ve signed onto it. So I’m really torn on this.”

“It always seems to me, going back to the Senate and the filibuster, the electoral college seems very undemocratic to me, I mean I think at first blush,” Walz said.

Walz went on to compare how the two Senators from Wyoming have the same clout as the two Senators from California, despite a massive discrepancy between the two states’ populations.

“So I don’t have a concrete opinion on it right now,” Walz told the constituent in an attempt to answer the question.

“That one especially, again if you’re on the losing end of that — if you win the popular vote and lose the electoral college, it’s just maddening,” Walz said, referring to Hillary Clinton’s stunning presidential defeat in November.

Walz isn’t the first Democratic official to question the Electoral College, but he might be the first to publicly acknowledge that the only reason why the Democratic Party is questioning the practice is because they are upset about Clinton’s loss.