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Dem Senate Candidate Blasts Trump Now, But Praised Him In 2015

Patty Judge criticized Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for supporting Donald Trump, but she praised his support for the RFS in 2015.

Former Lt. Gov Patty Judge (D-IA)

Sen. Chuck Grassley’s opponent in Iowa’s U.S. Senate race, former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge (D), has bashed Grassley for his support of Donald Trump. See, for example, this tweet from Tuesday afternoon:

Judge wasn’t so critical of Trump in November 2015 though when, as a co-chair of America’s Renewable Future (ARF), Judge introduced Trump at an event in Iowa.

Hear audio of Judge’s praise, from 0:48 to 1:55, and see a partial transcript below:

PATTY JUDGE: “We’re very glad that [Donald Trump] is with us and that he has pledged his support to our industry. He’s going to come in for just a moment here and visit with you a little bit, and I know you’ll enjoy meeting him and talking to him. And again we are proud of this organization. We are not going to be afraid to tell you who’s with us and who isn’t. We know that may not be the determining factor on who you decide to go to caucus for in February, but we hope it is something that you will look long and hard at, because it really is important to the future of the industry. There’s a lot of competing interests for our time and for our share of the market. And we don’t need that. So we’ve got to stick together and we’ll try to keep that message going from now through February.”

Judge also issued a statement, through ARF, thanking Trump:

“We want to thank Mr. Trump for his continued support for this industry and for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS),” said Judge.

“He has shown that he is committed to Iowa’s farmers and to American entrepreneurship which has paved the way for making America cleaner, stronger, and more secure through the RFS.”

Grassley campaign manager Bob Haus said the audio reveals “another example of Patty Judge’s politically-motivated hypocrisy.”