Dem Senator Cites Claim from Notorious Conspiracy Theorist About Trump-Russia

By NTK Staff | 05.10.2017 @5:14pm

Ed Markey said that a grand jury had been impaneled to look into the Trump's connections to Russia. He got the claim from conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch.

Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) cited information from Trump-Russia conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch in an interview with CNN on Wednesday morning.

Markey claimed that a grand jury has been impaneled in New York to look into the allegations of ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The Guardian’s Jon Swaine reported that a Markey aide said that the senator got his information from Mensch’s blog and the Palmer Report.

The Palmer Report was cited in an Atlantic discussion about “progressive fake news” in February. The home page of The Palmer Report is full of conspiracy theories at any given time.

Mensch, for her part, has positioned herself as the champion of Trump-Russia conspiracy theories.

BuzzFeed wrote a profile of Mensch in late April. At that point, Mensch had “accused at least 210 people and organizations of being under Russian government influence [since Inauguration Day].”

“[Mensch] has accused people of being affiliated with Russia simply for disagreeing with her or calling her theories far-fetched, but she has also called someone a Russian agent for being too enthusiastic about her own theories,” BuzzFeed wrote.

The Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi noted that Mensch believes Putin had Andrew Breitbart murdered so he could install Steve Bannon as the head of Breitbart.

Another Russian agent according to Mensch? Bernie Sanders.

Today on Twitter, Mensch bragged about Markey citing her as evidence of a grand jury existing in New York.

Markey may want to find more credible sources to find information on such a grave and important issue.

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