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Dem Senator Complains About Having to Work When the Senate Is Not in Session

Sheldon Whitehouse expressed disappointment at having to attend a Judiciary Committee hearing when the Senate is not in session.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) complained about having to work while the Senate is not in session, during a Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings for President Trump’s judicial nominations, which have been backlogged because of Democrats’ obstruction.

“In expressing our disappointment, I guess that this hearing is going forward at a time when the Senate is not session. I believe it’s the first time ever, that a hearing has been brought forward under these circumstances,” Whitehouse told the committee.

“I hope that we can not make it too much of a pattern to be scheduling hearings when the Senate is not in session, and senators are not out of town, in order to push nominees through the committee,” Whitehouse concluded.