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Dem Senator Falsely Suggest That Liberals Aren’t Spending Dark Money on Gorsuch’s Confirmation

On Tuesday, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) failed to mention that liberal groups are spending millions in ‘dark money’ on Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation battle. The remarks came as Whitehouse attacked Gorsuch over reports that Republican groups are intending to spend millions on Gorsuch’s confirmation.

Whitehouse seemed to suggest, during the back and forth, that liberal groups aren’t spending any ‘dark money’ on this confirmation battle.

Whitehouse asked Gorsuch what he knows about a Republican group that is planning to spend $10 million on TV ads to support Gorsuch’s nomination.

“I’ve heard a lot about it, senator. From you, from others. I’ve heard a lot about it,” Gorsuch responded.

“What do you know about it?” Whitehouse followed up.

“I know that there is a lot of money being spent in this by, as I understand it, both sides,” Gorsuch replied.

Whitehouse interjects at this point, “Well, I wouldn’t leap to that conclusion at this point.”

This isn’t true, though. Liberal groups are actively spending a lot of ‘dark money’ to oppose Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.

ABC News reports that People for the American Way, a liberal group taking part in the new campaign, aired an anti-Gorsuch ad in 14 states, but would not reveal how much it spent. The Center for Responsive Politics previously reported on ties between the People for the American Way and ‘dark money.’

Politico recently reported that The People’s Defense, a coalition of more than a dozen progressive organizations, is launching a six-figure digital ad campaign against Gorsuch’s nomination.

Liberal groups with ties to ‘dark money’ that are part of the The People’s Defense coalition include:

American Federation of Teachers
Center for American Progress Action Fund
CREDO Action
End Citizens United
Civic Action
People for the American Way
Planned Parenthood
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
Service Employees International Union and Stand Up America