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Dem Senator: Hard to Tell What Hillary Clinton Stood For

In an interview with The Washington Post on Friday, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) contrasted the campaign of Donald Trump, who had clear stances on issues, and the campaign of Hillary Clinton, who Murphy implied did not develop clear positions on issues concerning the American electorate.

“If you ask people in Connecticut what Donald Trump stood for in this election, they can tell you pretty quickly,” Murphy said of President Trump’s successful campaign. “He stands for a wall. He doesn’t want Muslims to enter the United States. He wants to beat the hell out of China.”

Murphy then moved to the Clinton campaign: “If I asked them what Hillary Clinton was for, they’d have a little bit harder time, right?”

Murphy also said that the Democrats’ economic message has been “super confusing.”

Regarding issues like Kellyanne Conway’s recent alleged ethics violation, Murphy said that is an issue for Democrats “not to fight.”