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Dem Senator Points Out All The Ways Iran Is Breaking Deal

On Tuesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing regarding Iranian-backed forces in the Middle East.

During the hearing, Democratic Senator Bob Mendez (D-NJ) pointed out all the ways Iran has violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) more commonly known as the Iran Deal.

“I know that champions of the JCPOA insisted with a hold on Iran’s nuclear program that we would be able to expand the resources to combat the most conventional threats from Iran. And I was looking forward the to doing that,” Mendez told the committee in his opening remarks.

Mendez also expressed concern over Iran’s continued development of so-called heavy water.

“However, in the past two years since the agreement, we have seen Iran test us in a variety of ways,” he said. “Even the production of heavy water, in violation of the agreement, in of itself the ability to produce that much heavy water, is a precedent for a set of circumstances that gives them access to other developments of the program. …[T]he reality is it’s a violation of the agreement.”

“Beyond that and in the conventional way, their engagement in ballistic missile technology in violation of what was UN Security Council Resolutions, their engagement on terrorism has not stopped. Their engagement in Iraq and Syria and Yemen are tremendously challenging in terms of our national interest and then the partners in the region,” Mendez added.