Dem Senator Questions Comey Obstruction of Justice Claim

By NTK Staff | 06.05.2017 @11:02am

Joe Manchin asked why James Comey didn't act if he thought there was a possibility of obstruction of justice.

In an appearance on CBS Monday morning, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) questioned former FBI Director James Comey’s actions regarding a February memo that insinuated President Trump had possibly committed obstruction of justice

“If you knew or if you thought there was obstruction of justice, why didn’t you act on it?” Manchin asked.

Manchin expressed a desire to know the details surrounding the filing and creation of the memo.

“What [were Comey’s] concerns and if there [were] deeper concerns, why wasn’t anything done at that time?” he continued.

According to the memo, Trump had asked Comey to drop the investigation into former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

“It does raise questions,” Manchin said. “We want to know what Comey was thinking – if he thought it had risen to the level of obstruction. If so, why didn’t he act on it? If not, was that concern filed away for what purpose?”

Conservative commentators have also asked why the details of the Comey memo came to light only after the former FBI director was fired.

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