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Dem. Senator: Trump’s Right, Pipelines are Creating Real Jobs for Over 20,000 Americans

Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss why she supports President Trump’s executive action to build the Dakota Pipeline.

Heitkamp had previously met with Trump at Trump Tower in New York City where it was speculated they discussed a possible Cabinet position for the senator. However, Heitkamp told CNBC’s Joe Kernen on Wednesday that she discussed building the Dakota Pipeline with Trump during that meeting, and not a possible Cabinet appointment.

Kernen asked Heitkamp how many jobs she thought this pipeline would create, which has been hotly disputed by both sides of the Dakota Pipeline debate. President Trump said the Dakota Pipeline would create over 20,000 jobs.

“I think the real number is the number of people who will be working to put the pipe in the ground. And what we expect is this isn’t going to be one crew moving down the line. It’s going to be a lot of crews,” Heitkamp told Kernen. “I don’t think that’s an exaggeration to talk about over 20,000 jobs.”

Heitkamp also attacked critics who say the Dakota Pipeline will only create tempory jobs telling Kernen: “I’m a little sensitive when people say this isn’t a real job. These guys who work on the pipeline, those are real jobs, and they mean a lot to their families.”