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Democrat Ossoff Running Out the Clock on Public Support for Pelosi

Asked repeatedly, the 30-year-old former congressional aide won’t say if he would vote for Pelosi to lead his caucus…

Jon Ossoff

House Minority Leader is playing a starring role in the race for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District. Politico noted that the California Democrat’s face “is popping up in TV ads, hanging on door knobs and spilling out of mailboxes every day in Georgia.”

It’s hardly unusual that Pelosi, a polarizing figure across the country, would be as prevalent as she has become in this race. But what is unusual is Democrat Jon Ossoff’s unwillingness to address his support for his party’s leader.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Ossoff claims he hasn’t given “an ounce of thought” to whether he would back Pelosi to remain as House Democrats’ leader.

Ossoff first said he hadn’t given “an ounce of thought” to voting for Pelosi in an April 20 interview with CNN, saying that he was “focused on winning an election here in Georgia’s 6th District,” not a “leadership contest that’s at least a year and a half away.”

The Washington Post asked him the question again for a May 1 story, and he again said he hadn’t given it “an ounce of thought” because he’s “focused on winning here in Georgia’s 6th District,” not a “hypothetical leadership contest a year and a half or more down the road.” The New York Times reported on Sunday that Ossoff told them he hadn’t given an “ounce of thought” to whether he would vote for Pelosi. Politico was told by Ossoff that he hadn’t “given an ounce of thought” to the same question.

The question is not an irrelevant one. Voters in GA-06’s Republican-majority district should know whether the man who could represent them in Congress backs one of the most staunchly liberal members of his party to be its leader. It’s unclear whether Ossoff plans to announce his intentions before the June 20 runoff.