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Democrat Senator: U.S. Military To Blame For Worsening Syria Conflict

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Willie Geist asked Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) a simple question about the preliminary conclusion from U.S. officials that “Russian warplanes bombed an aid convoy” belonging to the Red Cross’ affiliate in Syria, the Red Crescent.

Murphy could have pointed out the tragic nature of the strikes that killed at least 20, or echoed U.N. officials who claim the allegations, if true, amount to a war crime.

Instead, Murphy blamed the U.S. military:

“And from the very beginning, some of us have asked a very simple question which is: will U.S. arms and a greater U.S. military footprint make this situation better, or will it simply prompt the Iranians and the Russians to dive into the conflict deeper?”

Murphy continued:

“In Syria, it may be that a greater U.S. military footprint there is simply drawing more and more weapons and armies and interests from other outside players.”

Media outlets have noted before that Murphy was first elected to the U.S. House in 2006 on his opposition to the Iraq War.