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Democratic Rep: I Bought Underwear on the Internet Last Week

Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) informed the House of Representatives that last week he had used the internet to buy underwear, while making a passionate case against repealing FCC’s internet privacy rules on Tuesday.

“Just last week I bought underwear on the internet. Why should you know what size I take? Or the color, or any of that information,” Capuano asked.

“Please give me one, not two, one good reason why all these people, why all these people watching would want Comcast or Verizon to have information unless they give it to them.”

Capuano went on to say, about the information Comcast got from his underwear purchase: “What are they going to do with it? Kind of look at it and say ‘Mike takes a size 38.'”

“They will sell it to the underwear companies,” Capuano said, with exasperation. “Hey he bought this kind of underwear, he likes this color. Let’s give him ads. By the way, most of those ads are useless ’cause I already bought the underwear I don’t need anymore.”