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Democratic Reps Unsuccessfully Try To Block Trump’s Election

House Democrats tried Friday to object to the certification of Donald Trump’s election by Congress, but, due to a lack of support from Senate Democrats, they failed in their efforts.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) first objected to the ballots from Alabama, citing “illegal activities engaged by the government of Russia designed to interfere with our election, and the widespread violations of the Voting Rights Act that unlawfully suppressed thousands of votes in the state of Alabama.” McGovern’s challenge could not proceed due to the lack of support from a member of the Senate. Other members of the Joint Session of Congress jeered and booed McGovern as he presented his objection.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) objected to the ballots from Florida because “ten of the 29 electoral votes cast by Florida were cast by electors not lawfully certified.” Raskin’s challenge also failed, because no senator saw any merit in supporting it.

Several other Democratic representatives rose to object to the certification, but none recieved support from a senator. After one objection, Vice President Biden declared “it is over,” to applause and laughs from many members of Congress.