Democratic Senator: We Can’t Impeach Trump for Fulfilling Campaign Promises, He Won the Election

By NTK Staff | 08.28.2017 @11:58am

"You can't impeach somebody for doing what they said they were going to do as a candidate," Murphy said about the possibility of impeaching Trump.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said that President Trump couldn’t be impeached by Democrats for fulfilling campaign promises that he ran on during the 2016 presidential election during an interview on Sunday.

Murphy was asked if he could speak candidly about members of congress who say Trump is unstable and not fit for office.

“Those are heavy accusations,” Murphy responded. “Here’s my thoughts on this: I don’t see President Trump acting very differently as a President than he did during the campaign.”

Murphy continued by saying he hasn’t seen any changes in behavior from candidate Trump to President Trump.

“He did win the Electoral College despite this bizarre behavior as a candidate. So, you can’t impeach somebody for doing what they said they were going to do as a candidate,” Murphy concluded. “Whether we like it or not, he is fulfilling all of the very reckless promises or trying to fulfill some of the reckless promises he made during the campaign.”

Murphy then dodged on whether he thought Trump was “stable,” saying that he doesn’t think Trump is conducting himself in a way that is befitting the Presidency.

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