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Democrats’ Road to 2020 Runs Through … the Hamptons?

Andrew Cuomo, Kamala Harris, and now Tim Kaine are checking in with wealthy New Yorkers in the Hamptons before launching 2020 campaigns.

The Hamptons

The Hamptons: they’re so hot right now.

At least if you’re a Democrat thinking of running in 2020, that is.

Page Six added that guests will “pay between $1,000 to $10,800 a head” to talk with Kaine, who ran on Hillary Clinton’s ticket in 2016 and is considered a possible presidential candidate in 2020.

Lots of Democratic attention for 2020 is on the midwest – which Democrats lost in stunning fashion in 2016 to President Donald Trump. But read between the lines and it appears the real road to Democratic primary success in 2020 runs through New York’s posh Hamptons neighborhood.