Democrats Wage War With Each Other After Losing Kansas Special

By NTK Staff | 04.13.2017 @12:00pm
Democrats Wage War With Each Other After Losing Kansas Special

Democrats lost the first House special election of 2017. Now, the establishment and progressives are fighting each other over who's responsible for the loss.

Democrats are turning on each other in the wake of Tuesday’s special election loss in Kansas’ Fourth Congressional District. Instead of accepting the loss and moving on to Georgia‘s special election, establishment Dems and progressives are sniping at each other over who’s responsible for the loss in Kansas.

McClatchy reported on Thursday that liberals “are unleashing their fury on the Democratic Party” after a seven-point loss on Tuesday:

Liberal activists are unleashing their fury on the Democratic Party establishment for failing to recognize that rampant disgust with President Donald Trump is now fueling an enthusiasm among voters that could turn even Republican districts blue.

After a longshot Democratic candidate came within seven points of winning a Kansas district that has been Republican for more than 20 years, progressive strategists blamed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee [DCCC] for not putting enough money and resources into the race, and national operatives more broadly for too little attention.

The DCCC, meanwhile, sniped back, arguing that they cannot “cry wolf all the time” and instead must focus on “mov[ing] resources” to “a real race.”

Politico Magazine‘s Bill Scher pointed out that Democrats are wrong to project national ambitions on the Kansas race anyway:

Special elections are often low-turnout affairs marked by local quirks, which can lead to aberrations in voting patterns. And the biggest quirk in Kansas was the Republican deadweight of its governor, Sam Brownback.

…[and] Georgia 6th does not resemble Kansas 4th in the slightest.

One thing is clear: the more Democrats snipe at each other and descend into internal warfare, the less prepared they appear to make gains in 2018 and 2020.

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