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Dems Raised Hell on Trump, Russia, and Exxon. He Just Denied Exxon Permission to Drill in Russia.

Democrats and environmental groups warned that Russia and Exxon Mobil would have advantages in the White House. President Trump just denied Exxon’s bid to drill in Russia.

Rex Tillerson

Democrats and environmentalists may look a bit foolish on Friday, after President Trump denied the oil company permission to drill in Russia.

CNN explains that Exxon “had applied for a waiver from sanctions imposed by the Obama administration in a bid to resume its lucrative joint venture with Russian state oil giant PAO Rosneft.” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin denied the application on Friday, “in consultation with President Trump.”

The denial, which would have been great business for Exxon and Russia, makes some apocalyptic warnings from liberals about Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Exxon, and Russia seem foolish.

Environmental groups were beside themselves with the nomination of Tillerson in January, claiming ExxonMobil would be able to get whatever it wants in the White House.

A co-founder of the extreme environmental group 350.org compared Tillerson’s appointment to “giving Voldemort the keys to Hogwarts.”

Even this week, before the Trump administration denied the application, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) smugly tweeted this barb out:

Tillerson, of course, recused himself from the decision, as he has pledged to do for all decisions involving ExxonMobil.

The flat denial from Mnuchin and Trump leave liberal environmental groups, and some Democrats, with egg on their faces this week.