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Dems Ready to Shut Down Government Over Obamacare Payments to Big Insurers

Democratic leaders have threatened to shut down the government this year over multiple issues. The latest issue? Obamacare payments to the insurance industry.

The Affordable Care Act

Democrats have threatened to shut down the government over Trump’s border wall, changes to “Obama-era rules” and regulations, and generic “conservative policy additions” to the budget. Add to that list: Obamacare payments to the insurance industry.

The Associated Press reported on Friday:

Democrats are up in arms over President Donald Trump’s threats to deny payments to health insurers under Barack Obama’s health care law.

Party leaders want the issue addressed in the current talks on the spending bill to keep the government open. The bill is due at the end of the month.

President Trump suggested in a recent Wall Street Journal interview that “his administration may not have the legal authority to make cost-sharing reduction payments” to insurers.

CNBC reported that Democrats accused President Trump of holding health care “hostage” for “millions of Americans,” but The Washington Post reported back in December that that’s not exactly how it works:

The payments are expected to total $9 billion in 2017. Eligible consumers would not feel their loss right away because the law still would compel insurers to lower the fees charged. But without government money to make up the difference, the insurers would take an instant hit.

This was the deal Democrats made with insurers when they developed Obamacare: Democrats would make insurance more expensive, but the government would also foot the bill for insurers.

Now that some Republicans are reluctant to let that bad deal for taxpayers continue, Democrats are threatening to shut down the government. In the process Democrats ignore the majority of American voters who do not want a government shutdown, as NTK Network reported on earlier this month.