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DHS Secretary Kelly: Illegal Immigrant Crossings at the Border Are Down 70% Since January

Kelly believes that the next terrorist attack against America will be perpetrated by someone who utilizes America’s weak border security.

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly on Wednesday reported that illegal immigrants crossing America’s southern border are down by 70 percent since President Trump was inaugurated during a discussion at the ASPEN Security Forum.

NBC’s Pete Williams who was moderating the discussion asked Kelly if he still thought the number one threat to America was that we don’t have control of our borders.

Kelly told Williams that from his perspective, not having control of our borders is still the number one threat to America, explaining to Williams that he believes the next terrorist attack against the United States will be perpetrated by someone or a network of people that uses America’s weak border security to their advantage.

“What we’re doing now is doing the best we can to stop the illegal movement of things and people into the United States,” Kelly explained. “The movement of illegal aliens cross the border in the last six months or so, but certainly post 20 January, is down by 70 percent.”