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Did Trump Foreshadow WAR Yesterday?

The president warned that a military gathering was “the calm before the storm.”

At a dinner with top military officials last night, President Trump remarked that the event felt like “the calm before the storm,” to the puzzlement of those in attendence.

Reporters tried to press the president on the comment, but he remained coy.

“You’ll see,” he responded to queries from reporters.

President Trump has been known to employ rhetorical exaggeration to get his point across, but the unprompted comment and the military setting sparked speculation that the president could be on the verge of a big move.

As tensions with North Korea escalate and the president prepares to decertify the Iran deal, worries have bubbled up that Trump is planning on taking military action against America’s enemies.

North Korea could engage in some sort of provocation early next week, in commemoration of the founding of the country’s communist party. Is it possible that Trump is planning on responding with “fire and fury” as he has previously promised?