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Did Trump Support or Oppose the War in Iraq? The Answer is Simple

As politicians and pundits argue over whether Donald Trump supported the war in Iraq, they miss an incredibly obvious answer.

Donald Trump in an interview

Monday night’s debate reignited the controversy over Donald Trump’s position on the Iraq War after Trump and moderator Lester Holt skirmished over whether or not he supported the war:

Media rushed to fact-check and – less often – defend Trump’s claims.

However, all the bickering between campaigns, fact-checkers and pundits misses one obvious answer: Trump both supported and opposed the Iraq War.

BuzzFeed was right when it reported in February that Trump told Howard Stern – on Sept. 11, 2002 – that he supported invading Iraq. In Trump’s defense, it wasn’t an unequivocal yes – instead an, “I guess so.”

But Trump also opposed the Iraq War in a similar time period, albeit after it started – FactCheck.org has a good timeline.

And the other day, Fox News published a January 2003 interview with Neil Cavuto in which Trump says then-President George W. Bush should be more focused on the economy – not unequivocal opposition, but an inclination Trump may have opposed the efforts.