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Disgraced Dem Rep Blames Her Corruption on Redistricting and Racism

In an interview with WESH2 that aired Wednesday, former Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) blamed corruption charges against her on redistricting and the fact that “I’m a black woman with a mouth.”

Brown stands accused of using a charity designed to provide scholarships to young students as a “personal slush fund.”

Brown offered a bizarre explanation for the reason behind the charges. “You change my district completely,” Brown said. “The next was this indictment.”

Believing the Justice Department treated her unfairly, Brown said they targeted her because “I’m a black woman with a mouth.” The Justice Department indicted Brown in July of 2016, under the leadership of Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Confronted by reporters from WESH2 on the allegations, Brown dodged, saying, “Anything I solicited money for, it occurred.”

Both Brown’s chief of staff and the charity’s president took plea deals in exchange for their testimony at Brown.