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Disgusting, Degenerate Liberals Rip Apart Piñata of Pat Toomey’s Head

A group of South Philadelphia leftists destroyed and pummeled a birthday piñata depicting the head of Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) in a video posted by Billy Penn Tuesday. The piñata was filled with “candy, condoms, and lubes.”

South Philadelphia resident Samantha Pinto started off the symbolic beating of the piñata. An unidentified voice yelled at the piñata, “F**k you, you homophobic piece of s***!”

“For abortion! Sanctuary cities!” another person yelled.

The screaming eventually devolved into unintelligible, guttural nonsense as another attendee jumped on Toomey’s face.

The party-goers then sorted through the sex gifts with one pointing out the excess of lube in the pile.

This is not the first time liberals have targeted Toomey with violent messages. In October, vandals spray painted threatening messages on his neighbors’ homes.

“NAZI, SLAVERS, RAPISTS, CROSS-WORSHIPERS = GOP” read one message blazed on siding in red paint.

“LOOK OUT TOOMEY AND YOUR NEO NAZI REPUBLICANS,” another message threatened.

(H/t Brent Scher)