DNC Candidate to Student Group: Donald Trump is ‘Evil’

By NTK Staff | 01.27.2017 @9:30am
DNC Candidate to Student Group: Donald Trump is ‘Evil’

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison told a group of Emerson College students that Trump is “sowing the seeds of American fascism”

“What Donald Trump is doing is evil,” Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) told a group of about 60 young people at Emerson College in Boston on Thursday morning.

Ellison, who is running to lead the Democratic National Committee, made those remarks in reference to President Trump’s immigration policies, including the executive orders he signed this week to build a wall along the Mexican border and curb the policies that allow for “sanctuary cities.”

“[Trump] is sowing the seeds of American fascism,” Ellison said. “Everybody counts. Everybody matters.”

The event, which was organized by Ellison’s niece, Alexandria Ellison, allowed for students and community leaders to share their feelings, as well: 

“We refuse to be separated by a damn wall,” [Suffolk County Sherriff Steve] Tompkins said. “I shudder at thinking what could possibly happen if we don’t have a strong voice like Congressman Ellison to champion our cause.”

Ellison, who is running against six other candidates to be DNC Chair, closed his remarks with a dramatic “call-to-action” to those in attendance. “God willing I win, but if I don’t, you got to still fight,” Ellison said.

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