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DNC Chair Admits the Party Has Both a Crisis of Relevance and Confidence

Newly elected Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez admitted that the Democratic Party has both a crisis of relevance and crisis of confidence during a speech to the International Association of Fire Fighters on Monday.

“I understand that one of the basic pillars and adages of politics and of life is often, ‘What have you done for me lately? What do you stand for today?” Perez rhetorically asked the audience.

“I understand that not only did the Democratic Party not cross the finish line successfully in 2016, but when you look at the elections over the last eight years in states across this country, Democrats have lost over 900 seats.”

Perez went on to talk about the various elections across the country that Democrats had lost over the past eight years.

“I ran to be the chairman of the Democratic National Committee because I understood that the Democratic Party has both a crisis of relevance and crisis of confidence; that we have work to do; that the definition of insanity is to do the same old thing over and over again and think that this time you’re going to be successful.”

Instead of shifting the focus of his chairmanship to the future, Perez looked backward in his remarks. He declared that “the Democratic Party’s values of yesterday, of Ted Kennedy, of Joe Biden are today’s and tomorrow’s values.”

It doesn’t seem that Perez is keen to change what the Democratic Party stands for, despite the mountain of evidence that suggests perhaps the Democratic Party’s values are not shared by the majority of Americans.