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DNC Chair: Dems’ Combined Vote Didn’t to Get 50% in GA-06

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez pointed out on CNN Wednesday morning that even after adding all Democrats’ vote totals together in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, they still did not reach the necessary 50 percent threshold to win.

DNC-backed candidate Jon Ossoff received 48 percent of the vote Tuesday, leading to a runoff with Republican candidate Karen Handel in June.

“The pundits were saying [Ossoff’s] high water mark would be 43 and he gets 48,” Perez said. “When you add up the other Democrats who are in the race, that brings it up to about 49 percent of the vote.”

Perez also said that Trump “spiked the football early” due to his gloating over Ossoff’s inability to win the race outright. But Democrats’ inability to reach a combined 50 percent total should give Perez concern regarding his party’s ability to win in June.

Breaking down the vote by party in the special election jungle primary, Democrats received 49 percent and Republicans received 51 percent of the vote. Compared with Hillary Clinton’s 1.5 percent margin of defeat and expectations set by Democrats and the media, Democrats’ 2 percent margin was an underperformance.