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DNC Chair Perez Paints a Rosy Picture About the Party, But the Facts Disagree

Tom Perez claimed the party’s “message is clear” and cited Kansas as a great example of what Democrats can do when they organize.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez said that he believes the Democratic Party’s message is clear and cited Kansas as an example of what Democrats can do when they organize during an interview on Thursday. But a closer look at the context surrounding Perez’s statements tell a different story.

Perez appeared on the “Thom Hartmann Program” and was asked what else Democrats can do to grow and organize the party. Hartmann suggested that people should run for precinct captain, claiming it is the most important political position in America.

“I think that’s a great idea,” Perez responded. “One of the things we’ve learned in our outreach is that there are a lot of places where we didn’t have anyone doing that.”

Perez then talked about when he was in Kansas running for DNC Chair that he learned that there were counties in the state that had no Democratic Party presence, and told Hartmann that the party was working on fixing this problem.

“Kansas is a great example of what we can do when we organize, when we build the party and put our values into action,” Perez told Hartmann. “Donald Trump won Kansas by 14 points. The Democrats picked up 14 seats in the state legislature last year.”

Perez might not want to use Kansas as a success story though when the facts are considered.

While Perez is correct that Democrats picked up 14 seats in the state legislature, these pick ups did little to change the political landscape as Republicans still hold a 45-seat majority in the Kansas House and a 24-seat majority in the Kansas Senate.

Perez’s example of Kansas as a success story for Democrats is less valid when you consider the Kansas’s 4th Congressional District special election results, which Republican candidate Ron Estes won by six points in the spring.

Then there’s the upcoming Democrat primary for governor in Kansas, which will be the state’s first contested Democratic primary for governor in two decades and will feature a pro-choice Democrat, Josh Svaty.

Perez released a statement that said all Democrats should be pro-choice, ahead of the Omaha mayoral election, which featured a pro-life Democrat. The chairwoman of the Nebraska Democratic Party blamed Perez’s statement for the Democratic candidate’s eventually defeat.

“I think there are two Congressional seats… in Kansas that we can pick up next year. Why? Because we’re running good candidates. Our message is clear,” Perez continued.

Perez’s statement that the Democratic Party’s message is clear doesn’t hold up when you look at you look at recent Washington Post/ABC News poll that found a majority of American’s don’t believe Democrats stand for anything.