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DNC Chair Predicts Ossoff Win After Skipping Kansas, Montana Specials

“I think we’re going to win that race,” Perez told a gathering of Wall Street Journal reporters Monday.

Tom Perez DNC Debate

After sitting out of the Kansas special election and being asked politely to not get involved in the Montana special election, DNC Chair Tom Perez is predicting victory in the June 20 runoff of the Georgia special election.

“I’d rather be Jon Ossoff heading into June 20 than his opponent,” Republican Karen Handel, Mr. Perez told a gathering of Wall Street Journal reporters and editors Monday. “I think we’re going to win that race.”

Mr. Perez’s public display of confidence comes after Democrats publicly downplayed their chances ahead of House special elections in Kansas and Montana, where Republicans prevailed even though the margins were far closer than last November’s general election.

It’s tough talk coming from the guy who decided to completely avoid any involvement in KS-04, where the Democrat lost in a closer-than-expected race to replace now-CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Here’s Perez, just days before the Kansas special election:

Even as the race narrowed in the past week, new DNC Chair Tom Perez told the Washington Post that the national organization wouldn’t be pouring money into the Kansas race.

“There are thousands of elections every year,” Perez said. “Can we invest in all of them? That would require a major increase in funds.”

In Montana, the Democrat, who ultimately lost to a Republican who body-slammed a reporter on election eve, asked that Perez please stay away from the state. The Dem’s calculation was that Perez would do more harm than good:

Rob Quist, the folk music star-turned-Democratic House candidate in Montana’s special election, declined an offer for the Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez to campaign for him in the state, an inside source says.

So with multiple losses under his belt already in 2017, Perez is predicting victory in Georgia. If he doesn’t get it, Perez risks even more unrest in the Democratic Party.