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DNC Vice Chair Declares That The Resistance Summer Is “Going Awesome”

Rep. Keith Ellison’s comments come less than 24-hours after the party lost the special election in Georgia’s Sixth District.

Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MI) declared that the Democratic Party’s ‘Resistance Summer’ was “going awesome” less than 24 hours after the party lost the most expensive house race in American history and had it’s worst fundraising month since 2003.

“First of all ‘resistance summer’ is going awesome,” Ellison told Democrats during a DNC Live event on Wednesday night. “It’s going well.”

“The Democratic Party is on the move. We are getting across this country. We are fighting every single day,” he said.

Ellison’s comments appear to be somewhat tone deaf considering less than 24-hours earlier Democrat Jon Ossoff was defeated in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District special election, an election Democrats spent over $30 million in hopes of winning.

Compounded with the fact that the DNC had its worst fundraising month since 2003 in May, it appears that things are anything but “awesome” at the DNC at the moment.