Donald Trump Eclipses Obama in New Tweet

By NTK Staff | 08.24.2017 @1:29pm
Donald Trump Eclipses Obama in New Tweet

The 'king of the memes' retweeted a picture that showed the new president eclipsing the old president.

In the middle of a morning tweet storm about various issues such as health care, James Clapper, fake news, and the debt ceiling, President Trump took the time to retweet a supporter who tweeted an image of the current president eclipsing his predecessor.

The meme, obviously a play on this week’s solar eclipse, isn’t the first that Trump has tweeted.

In July 2016, Trump got in trouble for the original version of this tweet, which had a six-pointed star whose shape resembled the Star of David in place of the red circle:

Then, in July 2017, Trump tweeted a video of himself bodyslamming an image of the CNN logo:

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