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Donald Trump: You Can’t Be 100% Certain the Northern Border is Secure

President Donald Trump told reporters that you could never be 100 percent confident that the border between the United States and Canada is secure during a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday.

A Canadian reporter asked Trump whether he was confident that the United States border with Canada is secure

Trudeau has welcomed Syrian refugees with open arms, while President Trump insists that anyone entering the United States be thoroughly vetted to prevent anyone with ties to terrorist organizations from entering the country.

“You can never be totally confident,” Trump told the reporter. “But through the incredible efforts already, I see it happening, of former General Kelly, now Secretary Kelly, we have really done a great job.”

Trump went on to tell the reporter he is just doing what he promised the American people he would do, telling her, “We’re actually taking people that are criminals, very, very hardened criminals in some cases, with a tremendous track record of abuse and problems, and we’re getting them out. And that’s what I said I would do.”