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Don’t Be Fooled: The NAACP is Using Sec. DeVos’ Upcoming Graduation Speech as a ‘Proxy War’

The Florida chapter of the NAACP seems to be still upset that Florida’s voucher program is here to stay.


When Bethune-Cookman University, one of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), invited Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to speak at their graduation, the Florida chapter of the NAACP was outraged. Their outrage, though, has nothing to do with DeVos and everything to do with Florida’s voucher program.

Florida’s voucher program allows, “corporations to receive 100 percent tax credits for donating towards scholarships that allow poor students to attend private schools.”

This program seems to be working to, according to Politico:

“The amount of tax credits the state will offer this fiscal year is capped at about $560 million, and nearly 98,000 students currently attend private schools using the scholarships.”

However, the Flordia chapter of the NAACP is among the most vocal critics of the program, having recently taken its challenge of the program all the way to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court, though, declined the hear the group’s lawsuit and “both trial and appeals courts have deemed the plaintiffs lack standing as taxpayers to challenge the law, because would-be revenue forfeited through a tax credit is never collected or appropriated by the state.”

This means Florida’s voucher program, which DeVos has long been a supporter of and advocate for, is here to stay.

Bethune-Cookman University President Edison Jackson is standing by his decision to have DeVos give the commencement address at graduation.

“The sheer diversity of our human family requires us to listen to and understand one another. We cannot, and we will not, ever accomplish this if we continue to exist in ideological, social, and racial silos,” Jackson said in a statement defending his decision.

Given these facts, it would appear that the outrage of the Florida chapter of the NAACP over Secretary DeVos has more to do with sour grapes over a recent defeat than anything else.