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Dow Jones Hits Record 22,000 as Trump Touts Gains

The Dow Jones Industrial Average passed the 22,000-point milestone on Wednesday, days after President Trump touted gains in the stock market since his election.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) surpassed 22,000 on Wednesday morning, a record-high number and a more than 4,000-point gain since a few days before Election Day.

President Trump had touted the stock market’s gains in a tweet on Monday morning:

Trump specifically mentioned the 22,000-point milestone on Tuesday morning, taking a shot at “[m]ainstream media” for what he claims is their lack of coverage on the milestone:

The DJIA cratered to 17,888 on November 4, the Friday before Election Day. It jumped nearly 1,000 points in the days after Trump’s win, hit 20,000 for the first time shortly after Trump’s inauguration, and reached 21,000 in March.

The S&P 500’s gains since the election have mirrored the DJIA’s gains.