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During Interview on The View, Schumer Leaves Out Key Detail About Refugee Program

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told the panel on ABC’s The View that the Trump Administration should focus on stopping people from friendly countries like France and Belgium from entering the United States because they are now “loaded with terrorists.”

Jedediah Bila asked Schumer about President Trump’s travel ban that halted travel from seven countries that were previously targeted by the Obama Administration.

“If you really want to stop terrorism, they’re looking in the wrong place. Those seven countries – not a single person has been convicted of terrorism,” Schumer told the panel.

Schumer did not mention, however, that the reason countries like France and Belgium are now “loaded with terrorists” is because of their refugee programs. Some of the terrorists involved in the deadly Paris terrorist attacks had entered Europe in the flow of migrants and refugees from Syria, a key fact Schumer conveniently left out of his argument.

“If you come from a friendly country you can get in here — France and Belgium, those countries are loaded with terrorists,” Schumer said of U.S. allies’ visa waiver programs.

“So if a terrorist wanted to come to the United States, they wouldn’t come through the refugee program in Syria, which takes two years. They would get a residence in France or Belgium and come here with no questions asked,” Schumer concluded.

Trump’s executive action, however, is trying to prevent terrorists from exploiting the United States’ refugee program in the same way they already have in Europe.