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Ed Gillespie Promises He Will Not Remove Confederate Monuments

“I don’t think that’s the better use of scarce tax dollars,” Gillespie says of Northam’s proposal to remove Confederate monuments.

Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate running for governor in Virginia, is promising that he will not remove Confederate monuments in a 30-second TV ad released on Friday.

“Virginia faces a lot of challenges. Schools are overcrowded and cities are in financial crisis. Teachers and police need better pay. Lt. Gov. Northam said he will do everything in his power to bring down all of the statues and monuments,” Gillespie starts the ad off.

The Democratic candidate, Ralph Northam, “has argued statues of Confederate leaders should be taken down and put in museums if localities decide to,” Politico reported.

“I don’t think that’s the best use of scarce tax dollars. I think the statues should stay up, and we should focus on creating good jobs, improving schools and making us safer,” Gillespie’s latest ad states.