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Edward Snowden: Pardon From Obama Seems Likely

Edward Snowden sat down for an exclusive interview with Yahoo’s Global News Anchor Katie Couric. During the interview, Couric asked Snowden about the possibility of receiving a Presidential pardon from President Barack Obama, and Snowden indicated he is optimistic about his pardon prospects.

Snowden cited a letter from the Church Committee to President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch in which “[t]hey argued that President Obama should seriously consider leniency in this case. He said that — or they said — that this case has caused far more benefits to American society, which I think is uncontroversial at this point, than any claimed harms for which we’ve never seen evidence.”

Couric asked Snowden if he had one minute to make a case for President Obama about receiving a pardon what would he say.

Snowden responded, “I would respectfully say to the president, ‘I understand you have an incredibly difficult job.’ No one wants to be a whistleblower. This is something that’s hard to do. It’s hard enough to stand up to a bully in your life, to your boss in the office, much less the combined might of the National Security Agency, the FBI and, you know, the apparatus of government.”