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Elon Musk Suggests He’s Willing To Give Up Green Subsidies

In a Monday tweet, Musk called for going to “zero” on subsidies and asked a coal executive to do the same.

Elon Musk

On Monday, Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray called out Elon Musk on CNBC for receiving billions in federal subsidies for Tesla and SolarCity.

See the video and partial transcript below, courtesy of Core News:

ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: What do you think of Tesla? You’re invested in Tesla. I’m curious just ‘cause you’re an energy expert. You know this business.

ROBERT MURRAY: Tesla is a fraud. He’s gotten $2 billion from the taxpayer. Has not made a penny yet in cash flow. Here again, it’s subsidies.

Musk fired back on Twitter, suggesting he’s ready to give up on green subsidies if Murray is ready to give up subsidies for the coal industry:

Musk would be giving up quite a bit of government support, so it’s a significant policy proposal from one of the world’s most eccentric CEOs.