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Environmentalists are Worried that Birds (Yes, Birds) Won’t Be Able to Fly Over Trump’s Border Wall

MSNBC ran a segment Friday about the impact of President Trump’s border wall on birds’ ability to fly over the border with Mexico.

Rep. Raúl Graijalva (D-AZ) and the Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit against the federal government alleging the wall will negatively impact endangered species.

“We’ve got over a hundred migratory birds that will be impacted from this wall,” Jeff Corwin, a wildlife biologist, told MSNBC’s Craig, Melvin

Melvin asked Corwin why couldn’t the birds just fly over the wall.

Corwin told Melvin that many birds could fly over the wall, but cited bats as a type of animal that would be negatively impacted by the wall.

While specific details of the wall have not yet been finalized, it seems doubtful that the wall would be high enough to prevent birds from flying over it.