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EXCLUSIVE: Clintons’ $1.3M Home Renovation Permits & Blueprint

The Clintons spent another $1.3M on renovations to their multiple million dollar homes in New York and Washington, D.C.

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Last week, Bill and Hillary Clinton announced they were buying their New York neighbor’s house—their third million-dollar home—to expand the “Clinton Compound” in Chappaqua.

Today, the New York Post reported that the Clintons spent another $1.3 million renovating their other two existing homes (the other is in Washington, D.C.).

According to the Post, the Clintons spent $376,000 renovating their Chappaqua home, including a $100,000 kitchen and porch, $56,000 on a pool, $45,000 to add a gym and library in the carriage house, and $25,000 on the home’s chimney. They spent $150,000 for structural repairs, renovations, and window replacements, too.

Their D.C. home also underwent $908,347 worth or renovations (on top of the $2.85M purchase price in 2000), the bulk of which went toward a 2005 one-story addition to the home.

NTK Network was able to obtain the building permits for the Washington home and blueprint for a passenger elevator added to the residence in July 2001.

Clinton Elevator