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Exclusive: Fight for $15 Protesters Seen Boarding Bus in Chicago

Video obtained exclusively by NTK Network calls into question the “grassroots” image of the Fight for $15 protests.

“Fight for $15” (FF15) groups pitch themselves as a grassroots movement, made up of “the people who do the real work.”

However, a video obtained exclusively by NTK Network suggests FF15 may be more organized than they let on.

With FF15 protests happening around the country this week, this video shows protesters boarding a bus at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, Illinois – for a protest out of their area.

Reports suggest FF15, despite its grassroots pitch, are aligned with Big Labor unions like the Service Employees InternationL Union (SEIU). On Tuesday, Politico noted the “day of disruption” from FF15 are “SEIU-backed.”