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EXCLUSIVE: Julian Castro’s $2,000 Flight To Columbus

“It is tough to ask a guy to travel coach,” Castro’s agent writes…

Julian Castro $2000 Flight To Columbus

One of the hottest issues coming out of the Democratic presidential primary was Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees. The press and her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), wanted Clinton to publicly disclose what she said behind closed doors, how much she was paid, and what other perks she did receive.

In 2014, Clinton’s list of behind-the-scenes requests for her speaking engagements (lemon wedges, sparkling water, crudité, and even specific pillow shape) risked painting her as an out-of-touch politician.

But documents obtained by NTK Network reveal Clinton is not the only high-profile Democrat who requires the finer things in life. Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro – who broke onto the national scene at the 2012 DNC convention – capitalized on his newfound fame by hiring the William Morris Agency to represent his new public speaking career and gave a series of speeches in 2013-14 earning him more than $150,000.

One speech, delivered on May 6, 2014 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, earned Castro $15,000, but that wasn’t all. Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request shows Castro was reimbursed $2,000 for round-trip airfare—a steep price by any standard for a flight into Columbus.

Julian Castro’s $2,000 Flight To Columbus

In email exchanges obtained through FOIA, Castro’s agent at William Morris requests a first-class ticket from the university official setting up the speaking engagement.

“It is tough to ask a guy to travel coach, can you handle a first class ticket?” the email reads.

Julian Castro’s $2,000 Flight To Columbus

When so many Democrats, including Clinton, decry the rising cost of tuition, it is puzzling that Castro’s agent would request a first-class ticket from the public university. A simple search of flights from San Antonio to Columbus finds many options from as low as $340.

Not unlike Clinton’s case, revelations like this risk making the 41 year-old HUD Secretary appear out of touch and “one-percent” in a Democratic Party dominated in 2016 by populist figures like Sanders and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). That’s particularly bad news for a young politician believed to be a “rising star.”