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FAKE NEWS ALET Senior Political Correspondent For MTV News Admits To Protesting Trump

MTV News’ senior political correspondent Ana Marie Cox seemed to admit that she had taken part in anti-Trump protests during an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

“This is where we get into the problem about not agreeing on reality, right?” Cox said, in reference to President Trump’s “fake news” bashing of mainstream media reporting.

“If you have a group of people that really truly seem to believe these are paid protesters that are out there…” Cox said, implying those individuals are detached from reality. Then she joked: “I haven’t gotten my check yet. I don’t know if he sent it for benefits or what. The meetings are a mess, let me tell you that.”

No one would ever accuse Cox of being an impartial journalist, having helped to start the ultra-liberal blog Wonkette, but it seems that she has now compromised any journalistic integrity that she might have still had if she is actively protesting a Presidental Administration she is also attempting to cover without bias.

Cox went on to suggest the Koch brothers funded the 2009 Tea Party protests that swept the country in opposition to ObamaCare. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called out this inaccuracy and noted how similar today’s protests are to those that took place in 2009.

“Well, the Koch brothers did fund Americans for Prosperity. There was a Koch brother aspect to some of it,” Cox interjected.

Scarborough barely was able to fact check Cox on her statement before she did a complete 180 on the remarks.