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FEMA Director Calls Out Media For Not Fully Covering Puerto Rico Response

FEMA Director Brock Long told CNN that they weren’t covering all the federal efforts to alleviate Puerto Rico’s plight.

Brock Long, the director of the Federal Emergency Management Administration, chastised CNN’s Kate Bouldan for the media’s refusal to fully cover the federal government’s response to the disaster situation in Puerto Rico.

Bouldan asked Long if the situation required a military general to take over the relief efforts, a question to which Long took exception.

“A sustainment force of [Department of Defense] was deployed several days ago,” Long pointed out, referencing already established military involvement in the operation.

“There was a press conference held this morning in Puerto Rico with General Kim, Admiral Hughes, my staff, and the governor to talk about jointly where we are versus where we need to be,” he continued. “That was not picked up by major media networks across the country this morning.”

“Those press conferences are occurring on a regular basis from now going on to make sure that we’re putting out enough information about where we are versus where we need to be,” Long said.

The FEMA director criticized media outlets for not covering the relief updates and asked Bouldan and CNN to do so in the future.

Bouldan was stunned for a second but assured Long that she would cover any press conference they held.

Long also lauded the efforts of everyone on his staff, who are working non-stop to help Puerto Rico.