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Fierce Argument Erupts on CNN Airwaves Over New Ferguson Details

A CNN Panel discussing new allegations in the case of Michael Brown on New Day Monday erupted into a fierce free-for-all as law enforcement analyst Harry Houck and “Stranger Fruit” Director Jason Pollock went at each other. Host Chris Cuomo and CNN Political commentator Marc Lamont Hill tried to keep order, to no avail.

The fracas began when Pollock claimed that new footage discovered in the Ferguson case definitively showed the robbery charges against Michael Brown were without merit.

But Houck argued that the video, even if authenticated, did not provide any new facts in the Ferguson case. “It still shows him as a drug dealer anyway, if this is true,” Houck said. “If I give you drugs for something, that’s a drug deal. You go to jail.”

Houck claimed that “assumptions” drove Pollock’s case that the video somehow proved Brown’s innocence in the robbery.

After Pollock explained his point, the two began yelling at each other.

“This is really the two Americas!” Pollock exclaimed.

Houck asserted that Pollock was drawing conclusions, which were not borne out in the evidence. “You better know what the evidence is, not assumptions,” he said.

Pollock then claimed that Houck’s argument reminded him of President Trump’s inauguration: “This reminds me of the inauguration when people looked at an empty field and Donald Trump said, ‘Oh it’s the biggest field in the world.’ Trump people are looking at this video and they’re pretending like it isn’t there.”

Pollock repeatedly interjected throughout the rest of the panel, at one point screaming, “Harry is lying, and everything he’s saying is a lie right now.”

Cuomo had to tell Pollock to stand down multiple times.