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FL Attorney General: 7,000 Complaints of Price Gouging So Far

As Hurricane Irma churns toward Florida, scumbags are trying to exploit the plight of Florida evacuees.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told CNBC on Friday that her office had already received nearly 7,000 complaints of price gouging since the state had declared a state of emergency as Hurricane Irma makes its way across the Caribbean.

“I’ve had probably now almost 7,000 complaints [of price gouging] to my hotline. That’s over 100 an hour. Can you believe that?” Bondi said. “Just since we’ve declared a state of emergency.”

She called the situation “unbelievable,” but added that most people have been “incredible.”

“You’re always going to have bad people to take advantage of people in a situation like this, and we’re going after you if you are,” the attorney general told the CNBC anchors.

Bondi requested that Florida residents hold complaints on non-essential items until after the hurricane crisis, but report price gouging of essentials like shelter or fuel immediately.