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FLASHBACK: In 2008 Hillary Clinton Said ‘I drink tons of water.’

Hillary Clinton is off the campaign trail after she fainted during a 9/11 ceremony over the weekend, causing her campaign to reveal that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

According to a Politico article titled, ‘The inside story of Clinton’s sick day‘:

The real issue is chronic dehydration, exacerbated by her lung problem and Clinton’s reluctance to drink water, which has become a source of tension with her staff.

“She won’t drink water, and you try telling Hillary Clinton she has to drink water,” said a person in her orbit – who described a frenzied rehydration mission that included multiple bottles of water and Gatorade.

However, during an interview with Katie Couric on CBS’s 60 Minutes in 2008, Clinton was asked about how she was able to keep up her stamina. Couric wished to know whether Clinton, poped vitamins, or you mainline coffee.

“I take– I take vitamins. I– I drink tea, not coffee anymore. I have really stopped drinking diet drinks. Because I found that they gave you a jolt, but they weren’t good over the long run. I used to drink a lot of them,” Clinton responded to Couric and went on to say the real key was, “I drink tons of water. Just as much water as I can possibly drink.”

Clinton’s 2008 claim about drinking as much water as she possibly can stands in direct contradiction of her 2016 campaign’s claim that she hates water.